You are infantrymen of the nation of Kai. Kai is one country against many, the previous center and hub of the world. Your ancestors worked to establish this country in order to unite all of the different races under one banner, working with a common purpose. Now, you are seen as a threat, enemy, or annoyance to all of the surrounding countries.

You are one of three groups essential to winning the war. Each group contains the most promising members of Kai’s army.

Your platoon is to travel under the radar through Raz territory, a country populated by Nezumi, infiltrating and overthrowing a number of military camps, towns, and capital. As you know, being stationed in one of our military outposts along the border of our two countries, we are 5 miles from prohibited Raz territory.

Now is the time for action! It is a time for casting aside the fears and weaknesses of men and stepping forward to claim greatness as heroes! You fight for your family, you fight for your homeland, you fight for your honor!

Through the coldest frost, the screaming agony, the darkest hour, we press forward not only to seize the day, but to seize the eternal glory of a condemned battalion victorious!

Warriors of Kai

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